Sunday, July 5, 2009

Decorative Ceilings

I love decorative ceilings. Wallpapered, tin, decorative painted tile, or hand plastered patterns, I love ceilings with a bit of detail to them.
We have a small kitchen by most standards so I thought a tin ceiling might be a bit overwhelming, especially as I did not want to paint it. I opted to keep them unpainted and had the contractor create a recessed ceiling in the middle of the room where he installed the tin tiles and framed them with a dark cherry wood crown molding. I was very happy with the results.

Here are some of my inspiration pictures (from

I love the look of decorative (faux tin) tiled ceilings too, and my husband installed some in our half-bath downstairs.
These were my inspiration pictures from Armstrong:

We also are very lucky to have hand-plastered decorative ceilings in our living room and dining room (two of the very few lucky things about living in an old house!). Unfortunately, and not so very lucky, the plaster is cracking in some places and it will cost a fortune to have them restored!

Our living room ceiling has a leaf patterned border, my husband at one time had painted the leaves green, but the last time he painted the ceilings I didn't have the heart to make him do it again. He's not as young as he used to be, and even when he was younger he was complaining, saying I thought he must be Michelangelo, to have him paint the ceiling like that!

Here is an example of a beautiful hand plastered restoration created by Thayer Smith Restoration:

I also love the use of wallpaper to create a ceiling with interest. These photos are from Urban Revivals:

My husband is great at the DIY projects, but to create those wallpapered ceilings looks like pain-staking work. I think it would be easier to get him to paint the leaves again!


  1. It is absolutely amazing ceiling from Wallpapered, tin, decorative painted tile. How much cost it?

  2. The tiles aren't expensive at all, and if you can do it yourself the cost is nominal. Wallpaper, some manufacturers are very pricy and to do the ceilings is an art, precision is mandatory and that comes at a price! Plaster ceilings, again, expertise is a must, and that too cost dearly.

  3. I love the ceilings, but also love the decorative fan.

  4. fantastic ceilings....with good color combination..some with royal touch.i loved it...the fan really cute...

  5. Oh Eileen you would just die if you saw my son's ceiling in his house. It is covered in those tin tiles that are over one hundred years old! The sad part is that it's completely covered up by another ceiling. When electricity and heat was put in the building many years ago they ran all of the wiring and duct work over the ceiling. Such a shame. My son and his wife would like to change it but it would take a lot of work and money!


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