Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Tablescape Thursday ~ Just A Little ReTREAT!

Please go to our hostess Susan @ Between Naps On The Porch for a view of some spectacular tablescapes.

I'll let you in on a little secret. I have a sweet tooth, well, that's not such a big secret really. But I like to indulge my sweet tooth sometimes with a mid-morning or mid-afternoon snack. And I try to secrete myself away as I spoil myself with both a little treat and a little retreat.

Look here, today I've set myself up out on the side deck off the sun porch.

I like to sit in this wicker chair.

And for my treat today I've pulled out of the freezer some grapes (before they went into the freezer they were washed and placed in a zip top plastic bag with a box of cherry jell-o powder, then I shook and shook them to coat the grapes. My blogger friend Sandy shared this 'sweet little recipe' with me), and I made myself some lemonade. I also surrounded myself with a few treasures that make me happy just to look at them. And I sat down to enjoy my little feast.

This glass was purchased last year on sale at Anthropologie (one of my favorite stores!).

These little bowls are all from Anthropologie too.

This is some of the beach glass that my brother-in-law has collected for me on the beaches of Long Island (I have vases and vases full of these jewels!)

The potpourri was purchased at Ikea.

My napkin is actually a vintage tea towel bought at a church flea market for ten cents and the napkin ring was on sale for $1.00 at Pier One.

The dish is part of a set (I have two of each: grapes, lemons, pears, and apples, and I have mugs that match). I love the basket weave design around the rim. I bought these dishes on sale many years ago but I can't remember where they were purchased. They only say 'made in Portugal' on the back.

The chippy vase is from Michael's craft store along with the little silk rose bouquet.

The rock was collected on a beach in Maine by a good friend and she handpainted it before she gave it to me.

Okay, I guess I'm done since there's nothing left of the grapes except the stems.

I guess it's time to clean up and force myself back into the real world...

...and leave behind my little retreat, all refreshed... go back inside to where another 'treasure' is offering me a happy greeting!

Now that you know my deep, dark secret, don't let the cat out of the bag! And next time maybe you'll join in and indulge with me! I 'd like that!


  1. What a pretty little scene to have a sweet snack in! And I like the snack you had, though I've never had it before myself. I've never had the pleasure of going to an Anthropologie store. Don't have any in this area, it seems. I hear a lot about them though. And I have dishes from various places that just say "Made In Portugal" also. I wonder what's up with that. Anyway, Happy Tablescape Thursday!

  2. Brenda, your sweet elegant escape is wonderful. TY for the invite ... we'd all love to visit you in your special corner of the world. TTFN ~Marydon

  3. Eileen- your little escape spot is fantastic and that hand painted rock is too precious! Love your colors.

  4. What a pretty little place to sneak a little retreat and a little sweet!

  5. This is so pretty! I want to come over and join you next time.


  6. What a pretty setting that is. It looks so cool and refreshing...Your secret is good with me!

  7. Nice retreat! Love your beach glass! :D Jewel

  8. Love the last photo!! He is a treasure! I wish I could have sat in your lovely setting with you today!

  9. Such a comfy and pretty secret retreat! Love all the detail and sweet touches!


  10. I have a sweet tooth too! I made a cake yesterday (and posted it on my blog, come have a slice!)

    I'll have to try the grapes with the jello!


  11. What a "sweet" tablescape. Relaxing. Calming.
    I enjoyed reading about each piece. I loved the dishes and potpourri. Great colors.

  12. What a treat! Everything looks so cool and refreshing; it's lovely!!

  13. I have heard that those grapes are good like that so I bought a pack of lime flavored sugarfree jello...I need to get to trying it now.

    Such a pretty retreat.

  14. Hi Eileen,
    You created a lovely setting for your delighful "take me away" backyard break!
    Thanks for taking us along!

  15. Very "sweet"! I love wicker AND sweets! Looked yummy. I keep things in the freezer, too, so they're always ready when the sweet fairy strikes!

  16. Hi Eileen! Thank you visiting my blog. I love your tablescape, and your grape and jello powder recipe, i'm going to have to try that! I really like your blog, so I've decided to follow it. :O) Mary @Boogieboard cottage

  17. Eileen-the grapes in the Jello powder is a new one on me! it sounds good, Your little private table setting is zo cozy and lovely! The beach glass is really beautiful!

  18. Love it!! love the beach glass and that your friend hand painted that rock for you. My 9 yr old is a rock/shell hound...he'd love it all.

  19. Hi Eileen,
    I think this is my first visit to your nice to meet you..
    Love your little hidden spot...white wicker is my favorite..and your treat looks delicious!
    The painted rock is so pretty.
    Thanks for visiting my blog, hope you'll come again!

  20. What a lovely setting to have a little treat. It looks so comfy and inviting with the floral pillows. I do love the wicker. The grape recipe sounds so easy and a good snack.
    I so enjoyed your blog,and thanks for the your kind words about my tablescape.

  21. What a beautiful retreat spot. I love those pillows--especially the one with the quilted cover. What a nice, relaxing place to gather your thoughts!

  22. Oh boy! Does that look refreshing! Yum!


  23. WHat a cozy spot! Almost looks like a secret little ti. cherry

  24. Eileen,

    What a refreshing tablescape - the fruits look yummy! I love your sun deck - it's the place to be in the summer! :)

  25. What a great retreat -- love the setting. With your pictures I felt as if I was there too.

  26. What a pretty retreat -- love the setting, and love the snack, too; I'm going to have to try that!

    I got a kick out of the Long Island beach glass. You could be collecting shards of beer bottles left from when I was in college (years ago!) and we'd have parties on the beach. . . .

    But they are awfully pretty, aren't they?


  27. Such a pretty setting. The blues are so beautiful. We all need a comfy little place to indulge in the beauty of our lives don't we?

  28. What a beautiful retreat. Great tablescape. I love, love, love the chair. Thanks for visiting my tablescape & leaving me a comment.


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