Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Contemplating A New Outdoor Space

Our double lounger has seen better days.

The cushions are shredding, but the frame seems like it's in good condition. I've been pricing replacement cushions, but as they are no longer available from the manufacturer we would have to have them custom made. That is a very expensive endeavor. So for this summer we are just 'making do' with what we have. And while I am mulling over whether or not to replace the cushions next spring, I've been contemplating the possibilities for that space should we decide to go in another direction.

We could use that area for added outdoor dining space:

The sheers in this picture below create a sense of privacy and give the feel of a dining 'room'.

This trellis too affords privacy and gives the area a room-like feeling with the roses providing a roof and some shade.

This romantic dining area is one of my favorites. It's soft and it's pretty, and it just welcomes you in.

I was thinking of using the area as a work station for potting plants in spring:

I love the idea of a big old rustic looking table with ample space underneath for storing watering cans and gardening tools. And the table could double as a buffet table for outdoor dining and parties in the summer.

I also like the idea of this cocktail table and chairs surrounding it, it makes for a nice, cozy conversation area.

And this colorful Morrocan style furniture creates an exotic atmosphere.

A collection of unique benches and chairs might be nice too:

An outdoor bathroom?

Well, I wouldn't mind having this tub, but I think I prefer a bit more privacy!

To tell the truth I do like the idea of a lounge chair, I like to lay out by the pool and watch the swimmers, or soak up some sun, or nap. Maybe an outdoor bed would be a good idea:

This one below is my favorite, such a pretty, relaxing little area:

Even if we stick with the idea of a traditional lounge chair, I'd still like for it to have a bit of interest. Maybe one of these:

What would your choice be? Do you have any suggestions? I'd appreciate the help!


  1. The pix that you said was your favorite (with the lounge and chairs) is also mine. I would love a nice comfy lounge with soft pillows! (Although I would have to bring them in, take them out all the time)! :)

  2. I don't know Eileen. But it's always fun waiting to see what you come up with!

  3. What do you think you would use most? A dining area or a lounge? Why not make a bench that would double as seating for dining or turn into a lounge when you were in the mood. Thanks for stopping by my blog to say hey.

  4. You can have the best of all worlds...just have Ray (such a nice guy) build you a whole second floor deck and then go crazy with the possibilities, plus you have plenty of shade for the pool below!!
    Ray will now probably put a child safety block on my blog and comments!!!

    ur verrrie sekrit (as in don't tell Ray who siggisted thiz idear) faitfull admirur

  5. Hi Eileen-

    Thank you SO much for visiting my blog. And I love yours as well. Your photos are amazing. I love the area with the cocktail table and the chairs surrounding it so intimately. Excellent for wine, cheese and good conversation. Are all these rooms and accessories yours and in your home and outside your home? Wow. I love a southwest flare to things - it adds a nice spice and natural earthy feel to any setting.

    Looking forward to many visits back and forth.

    Love Gail

  6. Eileen, I'm used to going to Umma's, but I clicked on here to my delight! Love both of your blogs! Oh, this is delightful, and I love your inspiration pics. I vote for a wonderful outdoor room like one of these.


    Sheila :-)

  7. That day bed of yours has great bones. I wonder what it would cost to get it totally recovered??

  8. Wow - so many options. I really like the outdoor dining areas.

  9. Such pretty spaces! I love the pic with the white candelabra and cedar shake siding. I'm stealing it for my inspiration folder! That's what we plan on doing with our siding eventually, but with vinyl.
    Glad to hear you know of a dishwasher project that held! I'm more hopeful now, thanks!

  10. LOVE all these outdoor spaces... ENJOY your weekend!


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