Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Tablescape Thursday

This is my second time joining in the fun of Tablescape Thursday hosted by Susan of Between Naps On The Porch. Susan's charming blog reflects her lovely home and her equally lovely spirit. Visit Susan's blog if you'd like to participate and click on the list of other bloggers who have joined Tablescape Thursday to see some of the wonderful creative table settings that have inspired me.

I thought we'd have breakfast on the sun porch this morning.

A happy find at the TJ Maxx discount store!

Many years ago my Mom's jelly purchases became dessert cups and drinking glasses for our family once the jars were emptied. I still happily use them for my own family and friends!
I've also been Blessed with the rose print dishes that belonged to my grandmother.

A pretty flea market purchase.

We'll be having frozen blueberries with cream poured over, and sour cream walnut cakes with butter. Now, don't knock the frozen blueberry concoction until you try it. Just defrost the blueberries a little until they are semi-soft and pour the cream over them, it's a delicious cold breakfast treat on a warm summer morning! And I love it with an iced cold glass of cranberry juice. Come on, give it a try. You might like it!

Now on to the sour cream cakes (warmed in the oven) and fresh-brewed coffee!



Uh-oh, only one left!

Oh, come on, we'll share!

I'm full!

How about you? Did you have enough?

Let's clear this mess out of the way.

Who's turn is it to do the dishes this time?

What's that you say? If I wash them, you'll dry?

Oh, don't bother. I'll just let them soak for awhile. You can run along!

You can do them next time!
Please come again!


  1. Love the Rose pattern on the dishes. What a charming companion your little cream pitcher is. The cake was wonderful. Thanks for sharing the last bite. I will be back soon to visit.

  2. Yes, i am full and everything was as good as it looks! I'll do the dishes you got the breakfast so now you relax in your pretty sunporch.


  3. Beautiful table and pictures. I love your pretty box of sweeteners, great idea!

  4. I am on my way, set the table!!
    Something sweet would be great right now!

  5. What a cozy setting! As soon as I saw those first few photos, I just wanted to linger and stare! And that's just what I did!

  6. Eileen, I loved your pretty dishes and how special to have your grandmother's rose china! You had so many cute little touches on this, and I really loved the little bird creamer and the pretty plaid napkins and that PINK! And I love the fact that you have the jelly glasses to use that were passed down. That has so many sweet memories and will create so many more. I'm ready to come over and have a bite with you. Did you save one for me???

    Happy Tablescape Thursday...



  7. Ever so pretty post for tablescape thursday, your collection is lovely and fun to let the dishes soak when there is sunshine to be enjoyed

  8. Your sun porch is so inviting. Loved all of the cute little touches. I can't believe those were jelly glasses! - The Tablescaper

  9. Your sun porch is a perfect little spot to share some dessert. Love those jelly glasses.

  10. Hi Eileen, I love it all. Everything is so pretty and has such a delicate look. You have done a wonderful job!


  11. Eileen, what a beautiful tablescape! I love your sun porch. Everything was yummy! I would have stayed to help with the dishes, though. ;)


  12. warm and inviting!!! Your sun porch is the perfect setting for this lovely tablescape!!! I love it!!!

    Happy TT!!!


  13. This is very pretty! Love those rose dishes, and the glasses, they aren't jelly jars, are they?! The food looks good, I like yogurt on blueberries!

    Cute post!


  14. Eileen....forgive me! I did not realize you had a blog.....thank-you ever so much in posting about your goodies...I am thrilled that you like seeing what people do with them. Your porch is that sofa and the china....I would feel right at home. I think I have sink envy.....your sink is gorgeous. If you get a chance, would you mind leaving me feedback on etsy? I am trying to build it up. Thanks so much, cherry I am gonna add you to my blog list. cherry

  15. I really like how the cranberry jce and the frozen blueberries (must try that as I LOVE blueberries!) look in their respective glasses! Those sour cream walnut cakes look super delicious too!


  16. Beautiful rose dishes. They are a fabulous color. I am also intrigued by the napkins. I would love some like those. The food was divine. I am also wondering about the glasses. Jelly glasses??? Those are great.

    Don't forget to join us on this weekend for the final Christmas in July Tablescape Party on Saturday (some may spill into Sunday since the 25th is Saturday. I am having a real CIJ family dinner on Sunday, but will post my table photos Friday night and Mr. Linky will be up and ready at Playing Dishes.

  17. Your floral sunroom looks so cozy! I'm IN LOVE with your glasses and dishes, especially your grandmother's rose china. How pretty and special! I'm also just loving that adorable bird creamer! How cute is he/she?! :) Great idea for the sweetners too!

    Lovely table Eileen! I'm ready to fly there for those amazing looking sour cream cakes! YUM! Recipe?

  18. Everything is so pretty. The sweet little bird creamer is my favorite! Your food looks quite delicious too. Very welcoming and lovely.


  19. What a great place and way to start the day. Your porch and tablescape looks lovely.

  20. What a beautiful setting. It's very sweet and feminine! Thanks for sharing and Happy TT to you!

  21. Your Grandma's dishes are lovely. And those glasses were jelly jars???? They are gorgeous. I've never seen jelly jars like that. What company was it? Thanks for sharing!

  22. Love your couch!!! I wish I had a shabby chic room, but I haven't been able to convince my hubby :( Love making things pretty the way you did with this table...I may have to do a tablescape!!

  23. What an adorable tablescape. I love your style of decorating in more of a shabby chic way. So lovely. The sour cream cakes look super yummy! Amy

  24. I enjoyed your tablescape! I love blueberries and I think I will try them this way! Sounds yummy! Everything looked very pretty and your little bird was a sweet host! Thanks for the great morning meal!! Hugs!

  25. Very nicely done.
    I was wondering if you were the one who painted your angel in the top picture? I am a tole painter and those things always catch my eye first.

  26. I had a set of those rose dishes that my daughter grabbed ahold of. I always loved them, and I remember so well the jelly glass - glasses! They were our "good" glasses when I was young and, well, lets say that's been awhile! Great blog!

  27. Everything looks lovely. I love all of the pink!
    Enjoyed visiting,


  28. Hi Eileen, what a lovely sunporch you have and such an inviting place to have a delightful breakfast! Everything looked o delicious, and it was, because it's all gone! Glad you joined Tablescape Thursday - this is my third time, and I love it!

  29. Awww! Scoot over, I'll dry. TY for a lovely visit. TTFN ~ Marydon

  30. Hi again! That's okay to just shabby chic your sunporch for now. It will be your special retreat for times of relaxing. Hubbies need their space, too, so we just have to wait til they see how comfortable the shabby look is - they're into comfort! Take care!

  31. I am so glad you came by today so I could follow back to your place. Just went all the way back.
    MIL has some of those pedestal dessert dishes. Love all the garden shots.
    Looking forward to more sharing in the future.
    Blessings, Candy

  32. Just precious my friend. Very charming post and I love those dessert dishes. Beautiful!


  33. Ummm... blueberries and cream. I am coming for breakfast at YOUR house!

    Lovely charming post -- and I do love those rose-printed dishes -- I remember my aunt had some similar and even when I was little I loved them. They look so sleek, don't they?

    As for teaching at Gimbel's -- I was recruited by Paragon Needlework to teach crewel embroidery and needlepoint classes there, and I was only 23! It was great fun, and paid very well for the 1970s! Part of what my Dad used to call my "checkered career."


  34. What a darling tablesetting. So cozy and inviting. I remember well the jelly jars used for drinking glasses. My grandmother had many.. I'm wondering now if they were sold at auction and who has the pleasure of using those now. Thanks for bringing that memory back... hugs ~lynne~

  35. Hi Eileen,
    Wonderful post ... you did so much more than merely creating a tablescape here. You really told a story! It's so nice that you have your mother's "jelly" crystal and your grandmother's rose patterned plates. Everything looks fresh, romantic, and charming.

    Looking forward to your next one!


  36. I loved everything Eileen..what a charming post! I loved the pink napkins, the rose dishes, the sweet little bird creamer, all the yummy food and your kitchen sink is beautiful!!
    What a lovely are a wonderful hostess!
    Love, Jerelene

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  38. Hello again, Eileen. Thanks for stopping by and leaving the thoughtful comments. You asked if I wrote the little story. I did (and I'm flattered that you thought it might have been published elsewhere!). I decided to set a table for one and started thinking about what the circumstances of that could involve.

    Hope to cross paths again soon ...



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