Monday, May 10, 2010

Tea Cup Tuesday

Yesterday I had joined Cielo @ The House In The Roses for her Victorian Tea Party in honor of Mother's Day on my other blog and I got an invitation there from Martha @ Martha's Favorites to join her and Terri for Tea Cup Tuesday (thank you, Martha!), so I decided to post it on this blog. I used this tea cup from a set that once belonged to my grandmother:

These dishes were my grandmother's 'everyday dishes', she also had a set of china that she used for special occasions, but I always loved the simple rose pattern of these dishes. The set includes dinner plates, luncheon plates, and these cups which she used for both coffee and tea.

The set also includes a teapot:

And it includes a small cream pitcher:

And also a sugar bowl:

I've always thought this set was so pretty, I love the creamy white color, and while it looks somewhat fragile, it's really a very sturdy set.

I've set an extra place for you.

And I also have almond chocolate chip biscotti, and ginger biscotti, and apricot scones that my husband picked up at the outdoor market at Union Square Park in Manhattan. They all taste wonderful!

Won't you join me for Tea Cup Tuesday? There's so many pretty tea cups to see!

Monday, April 19, 2010

Grandma Chic

I've been hearing the term 'Grandma Chic' for a few years now but I never really knew what it meant, so I went in search of it.
From the information I have gathered 'Grandma Chic' is a style for both home decorating and a style of clothing, and it's also a term that has been coined for 'women of the age of wisdom' who carry themselves with a style befitting elegance.
Decorating in the style of Grandma Chic is very much like decorating in the style of Shabby Chic, but you don't have to adhere to the strict guidelines of white and pastel that usually accompany the Shabby Chic palette. While Shabby Chic brings to mind light and airy, Grandma Chic can be all that, but it can also be dark and heavy.



(Women of the Age of Wisdom)

I think I like Grandma Chic ~ A LOT!