Sunday, July 26, 2009

Driftwood Beauty

I wish I had 'before and after' pictures for this post, but the 'after' pictures are going to have to suffice.
While beach combing last week my family and I found lots of treasure in the form of seashells, rocks, and beach glass (my husband found a beautiful shade of blue and I was lucky enough to find a rare pink!).

But the crown jewel was that I also found a wonderful piece of driftwood. It was actually a beautifully worn and weathered oak plank. A very long, very thick, very heavy oak plank that had weathered to a beautiful color gray. My brother-in-law, Donald, very kindly offered to haul this massive plank home in his car, he was going to be golfing with my husband this weekend and he would drop it off then.

Well, he not only did me the favor of dropping it off, he first fashioned this beautiful rustic shelf for me out of that plank of wood! I absolutely love it! A thing of beauty created by Mother Nature and further enhanced by Donald.
Now, this to me is eye candy!

We all agreed that this weathered beauty belonged outdoors, and we also agreed that the outdoor sink would be a nice home for it.


  1. so, so pretty! I love natural elements in my home!

  2. Wow! An outdoor sink and beautiful driftwood bench! I'm enamored of both. Wish I lived somewhere near a beach...

  3. Oh...this is lovely!!! I love all things beachy!!! The driftwood and the sea glass are just gorgeous!!!

    Wonderful post!!!


  4. How pretty an addition ... TTFN ~Marydon

  5. This truly is amazing. Love the glass you found. Its so hard to find glass on our beaches like that. Well done with the plank.

  6. OHHH love that outdoor sink...beautiful! Love the treasures you found and the way you displayed them. Thanks soo much my dear in giving me is much appreciated! xoox,cherry

  7. I like it, too! The sink is a perfect place for the shelf. And your brother is a "keeper"!

    Did you get to that antique/flea market? I'll check out your other blog to see....

  8. Great way to display your beautiful gifts from nature! Your pictures are fantastic ... they look as if they should be in a magazine spread!

    bye for now,

  9. That is a great shelf made from your beautiful piece of driftwood. Very clever. Something to pass down.


  10. My goodness, the driftwood shelf is amazing! I can see so many places and uses for it - you'll enjoy it for years, and especially because you found it yourself on the beach, and a family member made something from it with his own hands - that's just wonderful! And to find the blue and pink sea glass - oh, the simple pleasures of life - they are God's gifts.

  11. What a nice way to use your piece of driftwood. Now you have a usuable memory.

  12. That driftwood shelf is great! You did find some great shells and I love all the glass too. The sink that you have your new driftwood shelf in is too cute!

  13. Hi Eileen,
    Thank you for stopping by and leaving the nice comment. Hope your party goes well!

  14. So pretty!You are so creative!:)


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