Friday, July 31, 2009

A Favorite Store

One of my favorite stores is Anthropologie. It's actually a very unique store with an inventory of wonderful items for the home, for the bath, toiletries, clothing, and accessories. Anthropologie sells everything from furniture to coin purses.
Their pieces however are priced a little too expensive for my budget, and their clothes are made with a much younger woman in mind, but I go there mostly for ideas and the occasional sale item. I love to just browse these stores for inspiration on how to accessorize and display home decor.
And I love how so many of their articles and displays have a vintage feel to them.
If you've never had the pleasure of shopping Anthropologie, just look at these pictures and you'll see exactly what I mean.

Check out the vintage looking dishes and glassware, and the linens and aprons in the pictures below.

Don't you love all the colors? I want one of each!

And in the picture below my eye went right to the colanders. What attracts you most?

I love how so many of the items are displayed on vintage looking furnishings.

I even enjoy looking at the displays they have outside their entrances!

'Hope you enjoyed shopping with me in one of my favorite inspiration spots!


  1. This place looks really neat Eileen. If we ever get together lets go there!
    By the way, I noticed the aprons ,I think that's what they were, hanging on the right side. The colanders were very cool!

  2. What a store, though I'd be a little worried about spiders under the bed with all those logs!!!
    The coloured bowls pic is stunning!
    Thank you!
    Irene x

  3. I always say that this store was made for ME! I have gift cards burning a hole in my I better make a run only problem...I want EVERYTHING in the store and have such a hard time deciding on just a few things! :)

  4. I love this store, too. As you say, there is always something which inspires it a door knob or a colored scarf. Those colored bowls are calling.... Thankfully, we do not have Anthropologie nearby.

  5. What a FUN looking store to shop in! I love those colored dishes - what you could do with those is endless! Wish they had one of those here. Maybe they do, and God just is hiding it from me, and my Visa! Happy Pink Saturday, Eileen - have a wonderful week-end!

  6. It looks like a fun place to shop. I don't know if we have one here but I am going to look. I wanted to see the pictures above the bed. Were they rabbits? Have a good week end.

  7. I love Anthropologie, too! I visit their website frequently for ideas and inspiration.
    Their clothes are so pretty, especially their skirts. I usually find some from previous seasons on eBay, often NWT, for a fraction of their original cost.


  8. Thanks for taking me along! I have never been....I am not sure if Oregon has one or not. I have gone to their site and get their catalogs....beautiful stuff. cherry

  9. Fun post, Eileen! I can definitely see why you love to go there for inspiration.

    Thanks for letting me know you tried my recipe ... so glad it was a hit! I'll have to check out "Peach Bunnies" ... the name alone is festive!

  10. Hi again, Eileen. Thanks for the nice comment on my flatware post. I'll bet your grandmother's sterling is beautiful! is a great resource for identifying patterns. If you can't find it by searching their site, you can e-mail a photograph of your silver to them, and they'll let you know what it is, if they have pieces in stock, etc.

  11. Wow, my eyes are drooling (is that even possible?). Great post!



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