Tuesday, June 30, 2009

One Last (tiny) Outdoor Project (last project for now that is) ~ Respite Pure and Simple

Respite ~ hiatus, rest, recess, intermission, breather, breathing room.

Yes, that is what I wanted, a little breathing room, a little spot I could call my own. We have a tiny deck off the side of our house that is home to our grandson's little picnic table, and his sandbox, and our barbecue grill, and a big outdoor sink. That didn't leave much room for a luxurious, spa-like retreat for myself. But I wasn't asking for much, just a cozy little spot all my own, where I could sit and sip an iced coffee, soak up a little sun, and page through a magazine once in awhile, and a nice little perch to watch the grandkids from as they played outside.

These below were my inspiration pictures: I liked the idea of this rustic lounger where I could put my feet up, with the little table beside me to hold a few books or magazines, my reading glasses, and a drink. But then I thought better of it, because a lounge chair would be too cumbersome in the tight quarters of our little deck.

A chair would serve my needs, and I liked the idea of white wicker.

I found an extremely comfortable outdoor wicker chair in white at Home Depot.

And I also found some outdoor cushions in a blue striped pattern. We had an old small white marble-topped table that fit perfect next to it.

When I really want to indulge myself I add a few of my favorite things to the table:

And for a softer look I draped some material over the wicker chair:

The basket that I keep handy is full of wishful thinking! I'm hoping this summer to tackle the books I've placed within it, but I am constantly interrupted by the pleas of little ones to help with digging in the sandbox, or filling a play pool for them to splash in, or enjoying the peals of laughter from my granddaughter and grandson, and all this happily serves to break my concentration. It's much easier to get through a magazine or a catalog than to try and get immersed in a good book!

I'm really happy with how this little project affords me my respite from the world. I'd ask you to join me, but it's a table for one! (Oh, I'll make room for you, come on, pull up a chair!)


  1. I really liked what you did with the chair Eileen. It looked much more comfortable when you got through with it!
    Is that iced coffee I saw on the table?

  2. This is such a lovely reading space! So light and airy! I could relax here for hours!

  3. What a great result. I love wicker chairs too. Well done.

  4. White wicker, white fabric, and white flowers... relaxing. It has a romantic look, too!

  5. Looking great, I love it. Your blogs are so much fun to check out. thank you.Donna

  6. it turned out lovely, espcecially love how the chair turned out, I have a similar one in my bedroom, and it is amazing how much I love it, just loving the white and the flowers!


  7. Hi again, so sorry I have to respond to you thru your blog, but for some reason my computer will not let me email you thru your blog. My email address is dtswings@aol.com if you could email me thru there I can respond better. And the answer is yes, there is golf here my husband is also a golfer, he just got back from a golf trip.I look forward to hearing from you and I thank you for your support on my new blog.Donna

  8. You really have a great eye for color & design!This has such a beachy feel to it now!Bravo!...and thank you for your kind comments regarding my grandfather's passing...it has really been uplifting to read thru everyone's comments :o) Have a wonderful 4th of July!

  9. It looks calm, refreshing, inviting and romantic...Do you need a little foot stool/rest, yet? A magazine and refrehsing drink...you're set, Eileen! I'll be right over! Shall I ring the front doorbell or just come around back?

  10. That looks lovely ... well done! Enjoy it!


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