Thursday, June 25, 2009

Front Porch Project

Here is my inspiration picture:

We had a very small budget to work with, so I knew I had to accept that our awning-covered porch was not going to look anywhere near as elegant as my inspiration picture. There would be no tile on the floor (a slate porch floor would have to do), and there are no majestic columns (there are only rod iron supports), and we have no high
-end furnishings, and I wanted a much softer palette, and of course our tiny front porch was by no means as grand as my inspiration, but I wanted the comfortable 'feel' of the inspiration picture, and I loved the look of the big, heavy seating pieces, so I went to work gathering things here and there, and I was happy with the results. I was lucky to find a heavy teak bench and matching teak chair at Target while doing some online shopping. Then I just accessorized with whatever we already had around the house, and here's the result:

And now it's on to the indoor projects!


  1. Very nice job Eileen! I love the chairs. I have that very same Buddha in my yard only it's smaller. Your porch looks very inviting!

  2. Every area of your home has looked inviting and I love that! Good job on the porch too!

    u no whooo

  3. Great job. Look comfy. Want to grab a coffee and have a chat there with you sometime!

  4. i love to see your home....when im coming to your place... :)

  5. What graceful/beautiful touches you have in decorating. Don't know how I missed this blog! I'm glad to have found it!

  6. Came back to look closer and realize I HAVE been here before (just not lately). I think I will steal your idea of using "inspiration pictures." And Gary is my "Ray". Aren't we blessed!

  7. Hi Eileen! Thank you for visiting my blog :)
    You have done lovely job on your porch, in fact it has made me think I should tidy up and redo my frony porch too. Not a particularly grand sight as it is!!
    Irene x

  8. Hi! Thanks so much for your sweet comments. :-)
    I would love to move back to the USA someday- you never know. I really miss my family! But I try to do my best where God has placed us.
    We did have a nice "Christmas in June", thanks. :-)

  9. Hi Eileen thanks for visiting my blog and for your lovely comments. You did a good job with your porch. The chair looks perfect to relax in with a nice book. I'll be back to visit soon. Take care Carol

  10. I love your porch!!!! How perfect! Love the rug, and the dark wood...really beautiful.

  11. Hi Eileen

    what a lovely porch you have, all such lovely touches, I think that makes it so important don't you

    I too have a big budget to work with all the time and have to take inspiration pictures and re-work them with things I have or things I can get for a good price, or simply wait and then I come across them thrifting


  12. It looks very inviting! You did a great job. Thanks for coming over to see my new finds, we really did have a great day. :)

  13. Beautiful ...... I just LOVE those wooden chairs ! I look forward to seeing what you're going to do inside!

  14. Eileen...what a beautiful porch...I LOVE the pink :) It looks so pretty with the darker wood! I can imagine us having tea there!!
    You are a wonderful decorator!!
    Love, Jerelene


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