Monday, June 22, 2009

Foyer Inspiration

I need to make better use of our tiny foyer space. The area is only about 5'x6', with virtually no usable wall space . As you walk in the front door there is a radiator and a large window to the right. I also have an upholstered storage bench in front of the radiator. The wall to the left is the traffic area, so nothing can block that pathway and that wall is very generic with a small mirror and iron wall grills on either side. The carpet in the foyer has seen better days and is worn and faded.

As it is now, the foyer is a mess of toys and shoes, and it is a catch-all for anything and everything! Bins and boxes bought to hold umbrellas and hiking sticks now also house Jayden's light sabers and pirate swords. And in the winter when we add boots, shovels, and salters to the mix, well, it doesn't make for a very pretty entry. It is just a cluttered mess and I usually walk through it with blinders on!

I need to come up with a budget-friendly, space-expanding idea.

Here are some of my inspiration pictures:

I really like the idea of these small storage cubbies, but instead of knick knacks, I'm picturing them holding my grandson's shoes, hats, scarves, mittens, maybe even small toys.

I would love to have the room for a wall of cubbies just like this vintage one. Heck, I would love to have the things stored in these cubbies, and I would love to have this foyer!

The idea of keeping a storage bench is appealing too, I can hide a multitude of sins there, it's a great place to throw things if a quick clean-up becomes necessary, and it is nice to have a place to sit to pull on and off boots.

I like this rustic/shabby looking bench, and I like the look of the drawers underneath, but I think I would make them false drawer fronts, as a lift-top lid would provide more storage room inside the bench.

I think something along the lines of this last inspiration picture would probably work best, I'm picturing shelves similar to this on either side of the radiator (which sits under the window), with maybe a little storage bench built in front of the radiator. The shelves wouldn't be able to go up as high because of the window, and maybe instead of shelves I could have the little cubbies on either side of the bench, with space left open in back of the storage cubbies for umbrellas and hiking sticks. The cubbies in the front would be low and within easy reach for little hands.

As far as color, the foyer is green now (although very faded out from the sun), so I'd like a change from that. The orange in the above photo is a little too bright for me, and the cream in the top photo is a little too bland, plus I have lots of cream/beige in my home already. The outside of our front door is painted Liberty Blue, so I might just continue a blue or gray theme into the foyer, or I might go with a sunny yellow. The inside of the front door is now painted a burgundy color and I'm not opposed to keeping it that color if I decide to go with yellow or gray in the foyer.

Any and all suggestions are welcome! Especially any storage ideas for small (as in tiny) spaces.

Oh, and, Ray, if you're reading, I hope you know you will be heavily involved in this project, as the idea is in my head, but it is your hands that bring the idea to life! I know we still have painting to do in the living room (only one wall left!), dining room, and hall, but I hope you're not thinking you see the light at the end of the tunnel just yet. You know there's no rest for the weary here in this old house.
Let's just say we're in the planning stage. Maybe you could draw up a design plan for a storage unit, just like you drew up designs for the kitchen and the outdoor sink?
And we'll just tack it onto the 'honeydo' list!


  1. I LOVE the 2nd pix with the floor to (almost) ceiling cubbies!

  2. Hi Eileen, Ray probably won't like me for this but here goes, If your radiator is not in use, take it out. We've taken 5 out of our house so far. Only have 5 more to go. Ha! They are soooo heavy but you'd be surprised at how much space they take up. Yours may actually work though so I don't know if thats an option!

  3. Not a bad suggestion to remove the radiator if you don't need it. I just wouldn't get rid of it, put it in the basement in case you ever sell. They may want it back. We have a radiator in our dining room that we have shut off. I'm so tempted to remove it but I don't know. I go back and forth! Your inspiration pics are beautiful, I'm sure you will come up with a great design!

  4. I go, jumping in on this as I do love to re-do and redecorate. The good thing about other's ideas is that you can add, subtract and divide what you can or cannot use from them.
    I would go with the design from the orange theme, but
    -build the shelves all the way to the top (using cubby holes or baskets, whatever delights you, then one deep part on one side to store boots, umbrellas etc.),
    -push your beautiful curtains in together more to make room for the shelves
    -if possible eliminate the radiator
    -put a storage bemch there, but make it narrower so that you open up more space
    -paint the area a shade of yellow or bright green that matches your decoratibe grills on either side of your mirror
    -hang the cross and heart design (now on your hook thingy)on that wall with the other cross
    and the heart between them
    This sounds like a fun project...poor Ray and he's such a nice guy too!

    Just some random thoughts for you to mull over.

    annuder viset frum ur fantum (sumtin lik thet fantum in thet opera) fren

  5. Hey...all that misspelling in my comments makes my signature that much more it ok if I use that as an excuse?

  6. I like having a little bench in our foyer in St. Augustine. That way, I can put things down if I need to do so. I have a picture of it on my blog, but the bench doesn't have storage underneath. I have a narrow wall that goes beside the stairs where I have a console that has a bottom shelf, and I can store things there. I think a storage bench would be a good idea.


    Sheila :-)

  7. Wow! Thanks for all the ideas! I agree about the radiator, Diana, but I don't know if Ray will be jumping on the bandwagon! We'll see. And thanks, Michelle for the tip about not letting it go!
    Marcy, I like the idea of doing the shelves all the way up even if the windows are there, I could leave them open in the back (like the inspiration picture), and this way light would still filter in.
    Sheila, I think I remember the bench, but I'm going back to check it out again.
    I'll have Ray draw up a few different options for me.
    Thank you, ladies!


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