Monday, June 15, 2009


Salvaged: to rescue or save especially from wreckage or ruin

I like the word salvaged, it sounds so much better than garbage picking!
Well, here are a few things my husband and I salvaged:

This little table with the marble top is perfect out on our back deck, it sits next to a wicker chair and is ideal for holding an iced tea on a hot summer day, Grandma can sit and sip while she watches the grandkids play in the sandbox.

These next pictures are all things salvaged and put to use in our back room:
This table my husband brought home one day and it is one of my favorites. I love the detail work on it. A few of the vases that I use to hold beach glass were salvaged too.

This marble slab and the cabinet it sits on (another treasure my husband found) were both salvaged and they both are used in our back room too:

These next two finds I use in my kitchen:
An interesting little vase and a handpainted tray ~

And of course my pride and joy, my outdoor sink that was slated for the dump!


  1. Bet you thought you could keep this a secret, but I snuck in anyway! It was kinda sorta an accident, but WOW, two go, girl!

    This is neat as it gives a different view and yet it leaves some unanswered questions, like...where do you find all of thee treasures and did you have to restore them from a really bad state and how much time do you put into them?

    Everything is both intereting and beautiful.

    blessings and peace and hugs,

    the redhead

  2. Okay, Marcy, let's see, most of these treasures were found in the trash (another man's garbage is Ray and Eileen's treasure chest!), I normally don't restore a thing. Scratches, bruises, nicks, deep grooves, and water marks are things of beauty to me.
    Even when we shop second-hand stores, or antique markets, the owners will volunteer to refurbish a piece but I say NO! I love it as is, thank you very much! If they offer to first dust and clean it, that is welcome. But I don't want them to touch one perfect mark on it. I'm just in love with old, worn out things.

  3. We're in the salvage business, too! In fact, I'm so spoiled that I very rarely go to stores anymore! I don't know if you've been with me long enough to see the fireplace we salvaged just a few weeks ago??? It stands proudly in our dining area. My husband still likes to refurbish items, but I try to intercept him before he gets to them and encourage him to "live with the wear" a little bit more often than he's accustomed to do....

  4. Rebecca, I went and looked at your fireplace, nice find! I probably would have forced my husband to leave the front 'as is', but in any case it looks like a very nice enhancement to your home. Isn't it funny the treasures that some people are willing to discard?!
    I'm looking to replace all my 'new' and 'pristine' with old, worn, and 'loved', and even it's it hasn't been so loved and is thrown out for the trash, I want to give it a home!
    I also loved your blue ceramics! Nice find!


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