Sunday, August 30, 2009

Kitchens I Love!

These are kitchens I could feel very much at home in. And every one of these kitchens has a vintage quality to it. And most of these kitchens are white and bright. So when we renovated our kitchen and I had the opportunity to create anything my heart desired, why did I choose a style of kitchen with a more modern edge rather than vintage? Why did I choose cherry wood cabinets instead of white or a chippy painted finish? And why did I choose Dakota Mahogany granite counter tops instead of wood or white marble?!
I know my husband is still very happy with the choices I made (he always says that shabby chic is not good for resale value as it only appeals to a small market ~ keep it simple is his motto), and while I am not UNhappy with my choices, the shabby chic girl inside of me is still longing for tattered elegance.

Picture Sources:
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  1. Gorgeous! TY for sharing! Have a beautiful week. TTFN ~ Marydon

  2. I love bright cheerful kitchens and you made great choices with these.

    When we first got married Michael had a dark false wood floor in the kitchen and it looks so incredibly better and MUCH brighter since we had the light big tile put in it.

    blessings and kitcheny hugs,


  3. Hi, Eileen,
    From looking at all these pics, which have very similar looks and qualities, I thought you have picked out this look, too. I'm sure you kitchen is beautiful, though. :)


  4. I love these kitchens, Eileen! My favorite is the one with the huge bowl of apples on the island...I want that huge bowl!

    I really like a bit of rustic combined with some shine/contemporary.

    Those apron sinks are really neat!

  5. I know just what you mean. I had my kitchen remodeled a couple of years ago. And though it is nice, I wish now I'd just ripped the cabinets out and bought stand-alone furniture. Old shabby furniture like old cupboards instead. My husband, like yours, would not agree. When I say I want to take the cabinet doors off, he looks at me like I'm crazy. These photos are wonderful. And just makes me feel warm inside.

  6. Hello! Beautiful pics - My favourites are the first two. I'm lucky in that my B likes old banged up stuff too when it comes to decor. Sounds like you made good strong choices though in your kitchen remodel

  7. Don't worry Eileen, by the time you are ready to redo the kitchen again, your tastes will probably change again! Love Di

  8. Ohhhh, the second one from the top is my FAV!!!! I would die for a kitchen like this, but I don't see it husband is all dark woods (maybe if I convince him to move to the beach ;)

  9. You just made up my mind fo me. We are going to redo a kitchen and I was battling the resale vs what I like. I'm going for the shabby white. Thanks

  10. Great post ... those are beautiful kitchens! I'm inspired to introduce a few vintage elements into my kitchen.


  11. Hi Eileen,
    Intriguing post ... I do like the images you shared, but your "real-life" kitchen sounds appealing too. Are you able to incorporate shabby chic elements? It seems it would be difficult to achieve a balance.

    Smoky liked the comment you left. He expects (frequent) gratitude ... in the form of lots and lots of fishy-smelling kitty treats!

  12. That second kitchen is to die for (well all of them are really). I might have to give my island the white chippy love that that island has- amazing!

  13. I agree with you so much. I to can picture me in one of those kitchens and loving it. But on the other hand, I try to decorate more on a classic style like you did for your kitchen, which sounds lovely by the way. I visit some blogs who have there whole house done in vintage pink & white. As much as I like it, there is no way I could get my hubby to agree to even paint the walls pink! But it's probably best for resale value like you said. My husband likes the house to stay "normal", lol! Have a great day!

  14. Hi Eileen, do you have a new header? If so I LOVE it. If not I have not been paying attention....I love all these pictures.

  15. oh they're all just beautiful.... i love the feeling.. you feel right at home. any chance you can paint your cabinets or was the renovation too recent??

  16. Oh wow! I love them all! The second kitchen is to die for!
    Greetings from Italy,


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