Friday, August 7, 2009

Grace Under Fire

The Blushing Hostess Entertains is honoring Jackie Kennedy Onassis' birthday (she would have been 80 now) by asking readers to share their stories of grace. Please go to this site to read the stories, poems, memories, and pictures that are being shared.

I am shortening a very long story into just a few sentences for this post.

Grace ~ the exercise of love, kindness, mercy, favor; the disposition to benefit or serve another.

My mother was a woman of grace, poise, refinement and dignity. Unfortunately a little of her polish was lost to Alzheimer's Disease in her last years of life. My Mom spent her last fourteen months within the confines of a nursing home, where other gracious women were in charge of her care. These nurses' aides treated my mother with the utmost respect despite my mother's tantrums and outbursts. These women acted as her guardians and protectors. At the risk of losing their jobs, these women reported an abuse they witnessed perpetrated on my mother by a Licensed Practical Nurse. These women were not supported by their superiors, in fact, they were denigrated and belittled. They were told they were "foreigners and didn't really understand the meaning of the word 'pushed'". They were transferred off of the Dementia Ward because they had felt a duty to my mother and informed the family of what they had witnessed, as Administration was trying to cover up this abuse. These women took a great risk in the interest of safeguarding my mother and the other patients that they felt a responsibility for on their ward. I will forever be in their debt for their acts of bravery. These women acted with the utmost grace under fire.

Below are just a few photos that also suggest to me the personification of grace:

Happy Birthday, Jackie!


  1. Enjoyed your post.
    I am sorry your mother was abused and thankful the staff took action.
    Blessings to you,

  2. Nothing like a cry to start off my day. How wonderful those women were to speak up for those who couldn't. A terrible situation, but isn't it nice to know people are there watching, when you can't.

  3. Was anything done about the situation? My heart goes out to those women who so lovingly cared about your mother.

    Beautiful post, beautiful choices for women of grace!

    blessings and nice hugs,


  4. Wasn't Jackie K.O. divine? Love her!

    And so sad about your mother. My good friend is soon to put her mother into a home (same unfortunate disease...and her mother is only in her 50's). My friend is an only child and I know this is very difficult for her. I'm off to support my friend!

  5. Oh, Eileen, this is a wonderful post! I loved these women...what inspiration they were for all of us to become true ladies, with class, dignity, sophistication, and beauty, especially Joni Erikson Tada...what a woman of faith! Thanks for posting this, that was so thoughtful and creative of you!!! Blessings to you!

  6. Beautiful post, Eileen. I'm kinda dealing with the memory thing with my mom, but thankfully, not as severe. I love the pictures, too.

  7. HI Eileen! What a lovely post! Beautiful pictures! Lovely ladies! I'm sorry for all your poor mother went through! It's so hard when our parents start getting older. It was brave of you to post on this.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  8. Eileen, what a shame your mother had to go through that. I am glad to hear that someone spoke up on her behalf. I don't understand why that LPN was even working there. I am sure it is a tough job, but if she couldn't handle it, she should have left and let them hire someone more compassionate.

    Great photos!


  9. It sounds like those women were angels Eileen and I am so sorry that you had to go through that situation.

  10. What courageous nurses to stand up for your mom. It's good to hear stories of heartache like your moms abuse, only because we all need to know that there are good people among us. Hopefully this will spill out to other people who will chose to do the right thing, even if it is difficult. Good post. Thanks for sharing your moms story with us.

  11. wow! what a difficult thing to go through, but how inspiring.

  12. How lucky you were to have someone willing to step up to plate and tell you about the abuse. The Lord does work in special ways doesen't he. Blessings

  13. God's blessings on those caring women. May all of us remember their strength...and mirror it when our time comes to step forward.

    Your post is beautiful. Thank you for sharing about your mother.

    Jane (Artfully Graced)

  14. I enjoyed reading this bittersweet post about grace, and grace under fire! So sad about your mother, but wonderful that the Lord placed people there for you.


  15. I was just looking up pictures of Jackie and came across your site. It struck me how I myself try to obtain grace such as jackie had. We are learning that in our bible study about the provebs 31 woman. You will all be in my prayers for strength and grace always.
    ~God Bless~


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