Monday, January 11, 2010

Blue Monday and Curing My After-Holiday Blahs

It's Blue Monday and I am joining Sally @ Smiling Sally! I've often enjoyed reading the Blue Monday posts of other participants when I visit their blogs but this is the first time I've posted on Blue Monday.

After looking forward to Thanksgiving and Christmas, and dressing the house in it's festive attire, and enjoying time with family and friends, it's always a little deflating to un-decorate the house after the New Year, it seems so negative, and while I like getting things back to 'normal', I do feel blah with nothing but the long, cold winter months ahead.

So I went in search of ideas to rid my home and my heart of the 'blahs'. A few websites I came across advised decorating the winter months with robin's egg blue. At first I thought it was a silly idea. Well, I always thought of robin's egg blue as more of a very pale pastel or 'baby boy blue', and I never associated those blues with winter, but then I heard it described as 'Tiffany's Gift Box' blue and that description was right-on:

I do love this color, I think it goes well with almost any other color, I think it's fine as a 'winter' color because it feels so cool, and yet it holds the promise of spring. I think it's a great color to chase away my 'after holiday blahs'.

And while I love the look of these rooms...

...I don't think I'm willing to undertake a big paint project right now.

But I do like the idea of adding pillows...

...and throws...

...and lamp shades...

...and vases...

...and picture frames to my home.

I even like the idea of adding a bit of robin's egg blue to my kitchen...

...but I don't think I'd go as far as adding this to my kitchen!

And aside from my home, I love the idea of this color for clothing...

...and shoes!

And it looks like somebody else agrees with me!
(She looks adorable!)

And if you're into 'western wear'... can even get boots to match!

So I've found lots of ways to alleviate my after-holiday blahs with robin's egg blue.
I don't know if I'll go as far as polishing my nails robin's egg blue, but I might!

Happy Blue Monday!
Please join Smiling Sally and click on the other participants for some more Blue Monday!


  1. Eileen Eileen...I have missed you dear friend. What a great way to return to your blog and see these wonderful images and colour blue! Hope you had a great New Year and look forward to reading your blog in 2010.

  2. Wow, fabulous post of robin's egg blue (AKA Tiffany blue) that cheered me up just looking at all of those lovely pics. Nice post!

  3. You have my colour of the moment! In fact I am seriously considering using this colour as my accent colour when I renovate my kitchen. Exquisite!!
    Thank you for all the wonderful images to drool over!!!
    Warm wishes! (I'll send a little of our heat wave over to you)
    Irene x

  4. I think the blue western boots are special! Thanks for your visit. You have a lot of unique blues here!

  5. Hi Eileen, what a lovely, lovely post and gorgeous shades of blue!!! I love the first and third interior pics and the blue vase!! thanks for the visit to Inspired Living Spaces

  6. Ah what fun your post is! I actually grabbed that room picture with Audrey Hepburn as inspiration for my bedroom just this week. How wonderful to see that someone else thought it was worth a save as well. Everything here is lovely. You have a great eye for Tiffany blue candy!

  7. This, "they" say is the new decorating color of choice, and not just for spring. I agree that it can work as an accent color or a neutral. Informative post, Eileen. Happy 1st Blue Monday.

  8. Well now that is one great collection of blue eye-candy. Love the boarded wall in the attic bedroom.
    Happy Warm BLUE Monday Blessings ;-)

  9. Well, your blue touches reminded me of the ocean, which is just what I needed to think of on this -4 degree morning! :) I love all of the pix!

    And....Are those cupcakes in your header? So adorable! I'm in love with them!

    Yes, it is a big blah after the holidays, but I'm already looking forward to Valentine's Day! :)

  10. geesh those are really lovely! love the blue eggs especially!

    u may view mine here

  11. wow they are all beautiful i wish i can have that kind of room heheh. Thanks for sharing. See you in my place.

  12. What a coincidence, thought I were the only one with a blue egg. Thanks for the visit.

  13. Wow, lovely blues!

    Colored Pencils is my entry! Have a lovely Monday!

  14. I love this shade of blue and the rooms you posted are so lovely. I really like the one with the black frames on the wall.

    I hope the blue can cure your blues!

  15. Oh yes!! I love the blue colors but what makes my ears stand up hehe, is the shoes and the blue jacket!! So love it thanks for sharing! Happy Monday!


  16. I love the color of tiffany &co. its expenssive can't afford. Great post.

  17. Great collection of blues, thanks for stopping by.

  18. What a beautiful assortments of blues. That is such a pretty shade of blue. So pleased you came by my place for a visit. It is firewood, but I thought it looked like a dog's head.

  19. I need your blue eggs to go with my blue bird. :) Love all the different pictures of blue that you used.

    Thanks for stopping by to visit me. ~Debbie

  20. I may be weird but I love Monday's....I also love the color blue and enjoy it when it is worn or mixed with something in chocolate brown. Great post Eileen especially for those who do suffer with Monday Blues.....:-) big hugs to Jayden and Mia......:-)

  21. What gorgeous blues you found to share with us today. My favorite, of course, is the one with eggs sitting in the nest. That's a lovely photo. Have a great Blue Monday.

  22. Howdy Eileen
    Happy First Blue Monday to you .
    What a fabulous way to jump into winter without the winter blues .
    This is such a happy color.
    I was so blown away by all the many places this color shows up .
    The Queen was simply adorable.
    Thank you so much for joining in today.
    Blessings of peace and joy for the rest of the week.
    Happy Trails

  23. Love all the pictures, hope you have a great week! Great decorating inspirations.

  24. Wonderful colors.

    Thanks fro coming by to vii st


    barbara jean

  25. This comment has been removed by the author.

  26. I love that last room and was that Queen Elizabeth? You are right she does look adorable but oh so old. I remember her best as being in her late forties or early fifties. She visited Jamaica then and I remember her driving past my school and giving the little "Queen Elizabeth" wave. We were all lined up in our blue tunics and white blouses to see her go by. I am getting older myself so I don't know why I should be surprised. Lovely lovely blues today. Thanks for visiting my blog and Happy Blue Monday!

  27. That blue always reminds me of a spring sky when it has just been washed by the rain. And I will take the cowboy boots I have red ones but I have lots of things to wear with the blue.

  28. I love that color too and wish I had the guts to incorporate it into anything in my world. My house is neutral and my clothes are all black, white and gray. Thanks for the inspiration to make a shift!

  29. I love everything you found!! Ohhhhh, that first room with the one wall painted that color - I'm in love! BTW - I've killed a lot of plants in order to learn how to grow a few ;) practice, practice, practice!

  30. OK! OK! I KNOW it was blue Monday but I don't have anything blue..or very little...but...anyway..I have come to look at yours! :)

  31. P.S. My favorites are the blue robbins eggs and the last pair of blue shoes...(sooo cute!)
    Oh...and before I forget...I ADORE your cupcake border...LOVE IT!
    Lets see...I guess I love everything about your blog and I NEED to get over here more often...

  32. Ooooo, i'll take one of each, please! Love that color so much. I used to have my office door painted Tiffany Blue. Hope your blues pass and you feel more energized soon.
    Happy Tiffany Blue Monday~

  33. What lovely shades of blue! Yes, that color could definitely chase away the winter blahs!

    Pretty cupcake blog dress!


  34. Hi Eileen,
    What a delightful post! You've assembled a vertiable cornucopia of robin's egg blue objects for us, all such fun to behold. If you decide to give your fingernails a blue makeover, I can't wait to hear your family's reaction!!!

    Warmest regards,

  35. Hi Eileen, your blues are soooo pretty. Goodness, I have a new love for blue. Ha.

    Blessings, Barb ♥

  36. It's me again Eileen~ happy Friday! I have a little surprise for you so please check my post today. :-)

  37. Next to pink this is my FAVORITE color !
    Love it ~

  38. I loved this...I actually really like this color...just a little more baby-blue than blue-green. I even have a little nest with blue eggs in my kitchen. When the kids were small...I had a pale blue kitchen...I loved it..and miss it. I had wallpaper border with red apples in blue was adorable. I actually picked up a tissue box to set in the kitchen that was baby blue with snowflakes on it. That color has been on my mind a lot lately. I loved the pillow with the birds and the teacup with the little bunny. I also loved those cowgirl boots :)
    This post made me smile :) :) Several times!
    Love you Eileen.........Jerelene

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