Tuesday, November 17, 2009

An UN-Traditional Thanksgiving This Year And Trying To Keep Things Simple

We usually have Thanksgiving at our home each year. This is the first year in awhile that we won't be serving Thanksgiving dinner around our own table. My sister-in-law very kindly offered to host Thanksgiving in her home, so my husband and I, and our children and their families will gather together there. (I will be making a turkey dinner that following Sunday for us though.)

Now, I feel that the Christmas Season is so short so I try to stretch it out for as long as possible, plus I like to get as much done as early as possible so that I can relax and enjoy the Season. So my husband and I usually spend the days following Thanksgiving taking our time and decorating for Christmas. The Friday after Thanksgiving is usually spent putting up the tree, then trimming it and decorating inside the house over the weekend. The following weekend I usually dress the front windows with a Nativity scene and my husband decorates outside the house. This year though the first Sunday of Advent is early (November 29), and I'd like to have everything done by then. So, we have our work cut out for us this year, the day after Thanksgiving the tree will have to go up and be trimmed, and Saturday I can devote to dressing the front window and trimming the rest of the house, and my husband can work outside, and hopefully by Sunday everything will be done and the family can enjoy some Christmas sights and sounds along with another 'Thanksgiving' dinner.
I don't want to go overboard with Fall decorations for the table, as Christmas will already be ushered into our home. I want to keep it simple. And since this is a break from our normal routine anyway, I thought I'd like to do something UN-traditional (I usually have all the beautiful Fall colors adorning the table for Thanksgiving dinner).

While searching the internet I came across some wonderful ideas:

This is simple and so 'homey' and inviting looking.

I already have some creamy white pumpkins on the dining table now and a lace table cloth, so something like this photo below would be no extra work at all!

Here's another simple white setting. I love the idea of the soup tureen holding court as the centerpiece with a few white roses sitting prettily like 'ladies in waiting' on either side.

I think this one below is my most favorite! After Thanksgiving dinner is cleared off the table and the last of the pumpkin pie is served, I can see this beautiful bouquet of white roses with some green boughs added and placed on a mirror, and with some silver and white Christmas ornaments strewn about.

I think my motto this holiday season is going to be "Keep It Simple"!


  1. We had Thanksgiving dinner for years at our home. Now we go to our son's house and I gotta say I love it. No fuss no muss! Just bring a dish and enjoy. It's so much easier. I think that you will enjoy the day. Love Di

  2. Love all of these! Wonderful tables!

    We're supposed to be away, but Mr. Magpie has been sick.


    Sheila :-)

  3. You will have a wonderful thanksgiving without the ewxtra work but still the fun!
    We will not 'do' our Christmas until the last minute as our youngest has his birthday on Dec 16 and we want it to be all about him until he is old enough not to be bothered by it. Big boy Too will be 5 :) this birthday and he is already counting the sleeps!
    You must post your Christmas decorations!!
    Warm wishes, Irene x

  4. That is a great motto to have, Eileen...I'm doing the same! We're going to son's house for Thanksgiving, which gives me the opportunity to begin Christmas decorating a little early...I agree, its too short to put everything out, only to take it all down a month later. We usually take the tree down on Jan 1 or 2, but we leave the snowmen and berries up til the end of January...its still winter, so we leave anything out that is wintery, and not just for Christmas...that helps extend the season.

    I love the white photos...I love white, but I really hadn't thought about using whites for Thanksgiving...seems like most people use golds and browns, which I have none of...but white is perfect. I know your table will be beautiful!

    Have a wonderful day...God bless!


  5. Hi Eileen and I like your attitude - make it simple! Glad you'll have a break this Thanksgiving! Thanks for popping in to see me.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  6. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving. I'm sure no matter where you have it, will be blessed.

    - The Tablescaper

  7. I'm with you on keeping it simple this year Eileen. I'm even considering leaving all of my green and red holiday decor in boxes and doing an all white Christmas. Love the tables you found for Thanksgiving inspiration. Lucky for me my mom is hosting this year so I just cook and go.

  8. Hi Eileen,
    I really like the inspriration tables you've selected. The designs are clean and fresh, and elegant in their simplicity. It sounds as if you're going to be very busy in the coming weeks (and aren't we all???).

    Thank you for stopping by and leaving the lovely comment. I appreciate your support and your kindness. Have a great weekend!


  9. That's kind of my thinking this year too. Simple and not spend money. I just think the commercialism of the holidays are really kind of silly with so many people having trouble these days. It's silly anyway, really. My grown daughters and I decided a year or so ago to forego gifts on holidays except for the kids. I love your inspiration photos! More and more I'm drawn to white pumpkins.

  10. I enjoyed all of this - hearing what your plans are and seeing the photos of simple, pretty, doable tablescapes!

    I won't do as much decorating this year as we have no plans, no company coming. We are also going to be away the third week of Dec.

    There will be ten of us here for Thanksgiving dinner and they are staying till Sunday, so I won't start decorating until at least Sunday, or Monday!

    I look forward to seeing your decorations!


  11. Hi Eileen, I really think thats a great idea about the keeping it simple thing. I also adore the tablecloth shown here.

  12. Hi, Eileen,
    Great post! I love the first picture the best.
    Simple and homey and inviting. I think you have the right idea about keeping it simple. I have to cook :( hehehehehehe


  13. "Keeping it simple" means different things to different people :) But simplicity seems to be a common pursuit these days. I like it.

    I really liked the table cloth on the first picture. It's so inviting. I have my white (ceramic) pumpkin on our mantle and will be using my white soup tureens frequently this season.

    I look forward to seeing the Christmas decorations at your home this year. Enjoy the time you spend preparing heart and home for celebrating Jesus' birthday.

  14. Love all the white ideas you found. Glad you get to relax a little and enjoy your Thanksgiving as sounds like you will be very busy putting up Christmas. I have to wait for Christmas until next weekend as I have company coming from Colorado for the week. Have a Happy Thanksgiving.

  15. Come celebrate your home with us at the house in the roses... Show Off Your Cottage Monday is up! ;)


  16. The element might be keep it simple but the efect is outragious! JUst buautiful


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