Sunday, November 15, 2009

And The Winner Is...

...well, I have to keep you in a little suspense.

My give-away package included a burlap tote from Williams-Sonoma, a wooden salad server set, and wooden salt & pepper shakers, both sets from Anthropologie, and from Pier One there was a woven star-shaped basket, decorative gems, and a set of memo notes:

Twenty-three people left comments on my give-away post and my international friends very kindly told me not to include them as they felt it would be too expensive to ship the items, but I included you ALL in the drawing.
I had the help of my grandson, Jayden, as he ripped strips of paper for me to write the names on, then folded each in half, and we used my granddaughter's little duck pail to draw the name from. Jayden mixed them all up, stuck his hand in the bucket and...

...he drew out ...


Rebecca @ Life & Godliness, actually Rebecca has a few blogs, each one wonderful as she shares her faith, her family, her thrift shopping, her home decorating, her gardening, her travels, her home-improvements, and her self-improvements with us!
Congratulations, Rebecca!

You can email me at to let me know where to mail your winnings.


  1. Dear Eileen,
    Hearty Congratulations to Rebecca!thanks a lot,friend for including our names.that was really great of you.
    Jayden looks so cute!so nice to see him taking the draw!yesterday was HAPPY CHILDREN'S DAY in India.BEST WISHES!
    wishing you a great Sunday,

  2. Oh I am so glad Rebecca won. She is a sweet, wonderful and deserving woman! Congratulations Rebecca! Love Di

  3. Are you serious? Thank you, thank you, dear Eileen. I shall email you my mailing address. Of course, I expect you will put your return address on the package.....I'm so excited :)

  4. Congrats, Rebecca! I'm such a jealous gal! :)

  5. Hi Eileen,

    Congratulations to Rebecca; that's a nice giveaway. I like that star basket, especially.

    Jayden is going to be a heart-breaker with those eyes!

    I look forward to you sharing on Blue Monday.

  6. Morning, Eileen and congratulations to your winner! Oh, and may I add, a darling little assistant!
    Thanks for your dear visit and comments.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia :O

  7. Hi Eileen, I am soooo sorry I missed this. But, congrats to the blessed winner. What a lovely giveaway!!

    Barb ♥

  8. Eileen, I'm so glad Rebecca won your wonderful giveaway! Its such a blessing to give, isn't it, and to know that the receiver is a great person, too! Jayden must have enjoyed helping out...he's just too cute!

    God bless you, Eileen!


  9. Congrats to Rebecca and what a cute helper you had. Thanks for sharing.

  10. Some lovely ideas for a beautiful and simple Thanksgiving table.

    Christi @ A Southern Life


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