Sunday, October 11, 2009

Blogging Break

I'm taking a little break from blogging and hope to return late October or early November when I will be having a giveaway!

I've enjoyed participating in a few Tablescape Thursdays hosted by Susan @Between Naps On The Porch, and I had a great time too at the Rooster Party hosted by Barb @ Bella Vista, as well as Rhondi's Welcome To Fall Party @ Rose Colored Glasses, and I've also enjoyed visiting the blogs of so many friendly, creative, generous people!

You've all given me so many wonderful ideas and I thank you all!

Before I take my break I'd like to show you these once poor, sad looking roses I picked up at the grocery store. I was looking for a bouquet of Fall flowers for my dining table, but I saw these pathetic looking roses, wilting, and I felt sorry for them, and something told me to pick them up and take them home. I wish I had thought to take pictures of how bad they looked! They were so sickly looking that I didn't bother to put them on the dining table at all, I just cut them down very short , more to prop them up because they just kept bending and drooping, and I stuck them in a vase on my kitchen window sill. One of the stems was broken so I put that one in it's own separate little vase, and I sort of forgot about them.

Well, two days later this is what greeted me as I went to my kitchen sink:

And five days later they are still going strong!

And here's the little broken one, it never really opened, but it's still standing proud!

I'm going to try and participate in Carol's "The Little Black Dress" Party over at
Charli and Me on October 22 (let's hope Blogger cooperates this time and publishes my scheduled post!). It sounds like lots of fun and if you'd like to participate too you can find the details here.

See you all when I return!


  1. Thank YOU for all your wonderful, generous comments! We all wish you a wonderful break and look foward to catching up again on your return.
    Very best wishes, Irene xxx

  2. I just love your roses! You are so sweet to save the poor things! :) And look what you got out of your save! Beautiful! If I get roses from Jon, I then take them apart and dry the petals. I put them all in a big glass jar beside my bed. They are so pretty! The girls love my "flowers by Daddy" jar! :) Have a wonderful break!

  3. Hi Eileen,
    Those roses are so lovely! So glad you brought them home.

    Have a wonderful vacation...and blog break. I'll "see" you when you get back.
    Hugs and safe journey,
    Jane (artfully graced)

  4. Those roses have staying power!

  5. What beautiful roses, Eileen! I love that color with the softer color inside...they have then at Costco occasionally, and even though I have a lot of rose bushes, I always buy them for the dining table. Your rose were just responded to all the love in your home!

    Have a wonderful and refreshing break. I'm thinking along those lines as well...sometimes its hard to keep up with blogging and home! I want to thank you so very much for all of your encouraging and sweet comments...every time I see that you've visited, it makes me happy. I'll miss you, sweet friend, but know that you'll be enjoying all your "free" time...LOL!
    Look forward to your return...take care, Eileen, and God bless you!


  6. Hi Eileen! What gorgeous roses and they really were calling your tiny name to save them. They're so beautiful!
    Enjoy your break!

  7. Those roses revived beautifully! Enjoy your break and thank you for your kind comment.


  8. Hi Eileen, enjoy your little break, we will miss you. I must stop this afternoon and buy my own roses, thanks for the inspiration.

  9. Good for you Eileen...enjoy your break and your family vaca this week!!

  10. Eileen,

    So glad you took pity on those roses. They repaid you beautifully!


  11. I hope I'm not too late to reply to your sweet comments! We will miss you while you are on blogger break!

    Love your blog banner and dress!

    The roses are just beautiful, thank you for believing in them, rescuing them, and saving them!


  12. What beautiful roses. The just wanted to give you happy heart for saving them. Have a good break and I'll miss your visits.

  13. Eileen, have a good some fun things.

    I loved having you in the rooster party!!

    Barb ♥

  14. Hope you have a great break and don't stay away too long. Take care Carol

  15. To Die For!!! Those roses are exquisite, Eileen. Come back soon.

    Have a wonderful, warm week. TTFN ~ Marydon


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