Sunday, September 6, 2009

I Could Live With This!

I obviously have very eclectic taste.
I could easily live with any of the following:

I think my home must be a decorators nightmare for my home is just a hodgpodge mess of decorating styles. I wish I could just find one style I love and stick to it, but I haven't been able to do it thus far. Does anyone else have this problem or am I unique in this?


  1. Our house is a mix of styles, too. I probably lean toward French Country style, but truthfully, I like anything that is warm and inviting. My daughter likes modern, so her room is modern. Our room, the kitchen and the breakfast nook are French Country. The living room and my office (a work in progress) are traditional. It all kind of works together, though.


  2. It isn't a problem! It's called eclectic. I see all these muted colored rooms and I think: Oh, I love that. But I could never stick to that. I'm all over the place!

  3. Nope ...i have didn't tastes as well...the only one I can't say I love is the things with history and a worn appearance..but so wish I could have a more clean country vintage look....i just love my stuff! I am so so glad you like your banner! Hugs, cherry

  4. Eileen these rooms are lovely but I'd be definitely only chic, not country nor woodsy.

    Have a lovely week. TTFN ~Marydon

  5. I have very eclectic tastes too, but don't worry because it's all the rage!
    Mixing up different furniture styles can be fun and if you love everything you own... it will work!
    Enjoy your blog!

  6. I like a lot of different styles too. It can be a challenge to make my things coordinate!

  7. I see blues and greens in all the rooms you liked. Usually even if the furniture isn't from one style most of us seem to be drawn to colors we like. So have fun with the things you enjoy. Thanks for sharing. Stella

  8. Hi! I've come to thank you for following my blog! Love all the lovely pictures! I'm not sure what style my home is - I just fill it with what I love!
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia :)

  9. Darling, so can I that is live in any of the homes you featured. I love them all especially the first 3. I had your problem also and I solved it by making each room a different décor. I have my shabby chic room, my French room, my stylish room is my sitting room and my drawing room is of course the English room. Divide my darling and start with one room at a time and soon you will have your dream home. Happy decorating and sunny week to you.

    Love & Hugs
    Duchess xoxoxo

  10. Okay, I soooo appreciate another gal who also has eclectic taste! All of these are fun! I drooling over that tufted lime green ott. Pure bliss! :) I often think of what kind/style of house I would want if money, etc. wasn't an object...I can never decide! Oh well, it's free to dream! :) I love your pix!

  11. I'm pretty eclectic, too. I am drawn to the woodsy & rustic in pictures, but can't or don't carry it out in practice. I love the look of wood, stone, natural finishes.....

    I also like the shabby chic look in pictures, but have more dark furniture finishes & upholstery in my house....

    Interesting post, Eileen.

  12. Yes, we are all the same don't worry, I love love love the first picture. Have a great week Eileen.

  13. Hi Eileen! I really like the first picture best, because I like light colors and frilly fabrics and curves on furniture, but I've learned to mix what I have and unite them with color...which is why I began painting some things white. Sometimes I still look around and see "hodge-podge", but I move a few things around, and then I like t again! Hang in there, my friend, what counts is that you are happy and not that you decorate like everyone else!

  14. Hi Eileen...
    I LOVE the ones that look like a log cabin...they just look so cozy! I also loved the gold living room with the rounded doorway and kitchen in the background..I loved the tile floor in that pretty!
    You have very good taste Eileen...
    Love, Jerelene

  15. I read you blog for the first time and had to comment because I am just like you and love all kinds of decor. This can be an expensive problem for a magazine addict. The kind of decor I do not like is by those artsy-fartsy designers who try to be so original and go way out there and I just look at it and go "Huh?"

  16. OMG!!! First, I just found your blog via "Cherry's Jubilee". It's beautiful. I love your latest post and the montage of fall scenes. But I just had to comment on this post. I have a very new blog and this very subject was one of my first posts. Try, or feel like I should, to decide on one united style for home. I love so many, just as you've pictured! Glad to know I'm not "battling" this fight alone! :o) LOL

    Can't wait to go and check out more of your blog!


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